NZ Mototrials

Posted Results

ID Name Date Club
10941 WMCC Club Trial #1 12th of January, 2014 (Sunday) Waitemata Club
10839 Ixion Xmas Trial (Applegarth's) 1st of December, 2013 (Sunday) Ixion
10044 BSA Shield 10th of November, 2013 (Sunday) MOMCC
10043 Club Champs Rnd 5 20th of October, 2013 (Sunday) MOMCC
10430 Ixion October Trial (Camp Wainui) 6th of October, 2013 (Sunday) Ixion
10042 MOMCC Club Champs, Rnd 4 15th of September, 2013 (Sunday) MOMCC
10429 Ixion September Trial (Woods') 1st of September, 2013 (Sunday) Ixion
10325 SCB Rnd 5 25th of August, 2013 (Sunday) Taranaki Moto Trials Club
10650 Pioneer Club Trial 25th of August, 2013 (Sunday) Pioneer MCC
10051 Club Champs Rnd 3 18th of August, 2013 (Sunday) MOMCC
10324 Augsut Cup 11th of August, 2013 (Sunday) Taranaki Moto Trials Club
10428 Judds (Training Trial) 4th of August, 2013 (Sunday) Ixion
10517 Club Trial (Tulls Road) 4th of August, 2013 (Sunday) Classic Trials Group, Christchurch
10040 Winter Cup 21st of July, 2013 (Sunday) MOMCC
10540 Pioneer Club Trial - Mt Bengor 21st of July, 2013 (Sunday) Pioneer MCC